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Southern Ohio Acura Dealers Association

Built in Ohio

– 10,500 Jobs Created in Ohio –

Marysville Auto Plant: 4,100

Marysville Performance Manufacturing Center: 100

Anna Engine Plant: 3,000

East Liberty Auto Plant: 2,300

Russel Point Plant: 1,100

Sourced in Ohio

Honda has been a driving force in Ohio since 1982, having manufactured nearly 17 million automobiles, 20.1 million automobile engines, and 6.3 million transmissions.

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Manufactured in Ohio

Honda started auto production in America in Marysville, Ohio, on November 1, 1982. More than 70% of the Honda and Acura vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2016 were manufactured in America, and 23.6 million Honda and Acura vehicles have been made in America since 1982

Honda was the first Japanese automaker to build engines (1985) and transmissions (1989) in the U.S. and the first to export U.S.-built cars to overseas markets (1987American Honda’s latest state-of-the-art manufacturing facility opened in Marysville, Ohio, in 2016 to produce the Acura NSX—the only supercar produced in America. American Honda auto production is supported by engine-manufacturing operations in Anna, Ohio and Lincoln, Alabama, and by the production of automatic transmissions in Russells Point, Ohio and Tallapoosa, Georgia.

Eleven state-of-the-art facilities in six Ohio communities contribute to Acura’s revenue, including the production of engines, transmissions, cars, light trucks, service parts and materials, as well as research and development.

Acura marked its 20th anniversary of production in America by producing the new 2016 Acura ILX at the Marysville, Ohio, Plant.

Honda and Acura products are built using domestic and globally sourced parts.
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Research and Development in Ohio

In 1985 Honda product research and development began in a small office in Ohio. In 1992 the Ohio Center in Raymond, Ohio opened for expanded research and development. This was followed by the addition of an automotive safety research facility in 2003. Ohio’s R&D facility plays a key role in the development of automobiles and powersports products. The HRA Ohio Center Automotive Safety Research Facility houses one of the world’s highest-resolution crash-test barriers and the world’s first pitching crash-test simulation sled. The Ohio Center is the largest R&D center outside of Japan and is responsible for the development of the current Acura TLX and MDX.

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Commitment to the Environment in Ohio

Our Ohio operations are large but our footprint is small. That’s because all of our plants strive for superior energy efficiency and maintain ongoing initiatives to reduce unnecessary consumption and waste. Both our Marysville and East Liberty Auto Plants have earned the coveted Energy Star certification from the U.S. EPA for the ninth consecutive year. This signifies that we rank among the top 25 percent of auto assembly plants in the nation with regards to energy performance. We reduced CO2 emissions by up to 25 percent through our Intelligent Paint Booth technology by controlling air temperature and humidity levels in painting operations. Since starting this patented control system at the Marysville Auto Plant in 2008, Honda has implemented the system at its auto plants throughout North America.

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